Best health building Articles

Our mission is to provide you with the best information and knowledge on health to help you make better decisions for your health.

So here is a collection of all the best articles so far on how to build your health, herbs, fitness and anything else health with more to be added weekly. 

I've spent well over 20 years researching, studying and learning about health, herbs and fitness, becoming a professionally certified herbalist, a certified personal trainer and more. I practice what I've learned in my own life as well as helping others and used it all to help create LifeBuild Health Products. I'd like to share some of the best information with you. 


November 11
The Myth of Aging

October 28
The Benefits and Many Uses of Thyme

October 14
The Side Effects from Aspirin and other OTC Pain Meds

October 1 
How to Plan For Health While On Vacation    

September 15
Can Herbs Boost the Immune System?

September 12       
The Meaning of 'Everything in Moderation.' 

August 8                
Why Health Statistics Matter: A glimpse into the future

July 3                      
The Biggest Health Mistake We Make

June 30                  
Detoxifying the Body and Why It's Important

May 18                    
Benefits of Herbs

March 7                  
Four(good)reasons to use herbs

February 15           
Benefits of Tonic and Adaptogen Herbs


Anatomy of a Cold. What do all the symptoms mean?

Orange Juice for a cold? Not so fast

Kitchen Cupboard Cold Remedy

Benefits of Turmuric. One of my favorite herbs.

Benefits of Acetyl L-Carnitine for Energy and Health