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My name is Philip Harris and I am the owner and product formulator at LifeBuild Health LLC. 

Quick history. I originally started using alternative or natural remedies because I was sick, and wasn't getting results from conventional western medicine. I had to turn elsewhere.

As my health improved, one thing led to another, and after becoming a certified herbalist in 1998, LifeBuild Health Formula's was born.

It's a familiar story of many natural products enterprises. We want to share what we learn. And when you have to heal yourself, you learn what works, and what doesn't. It's no stretch to say that my life today would be quite different if it weren't for herbs and nutritional supplements and a more wholistic approach to health. I am my own best testimonial.

But you don't have to be really sick to take advantage of nature's offerings. Just looking for better health.

If that is you, you're in the right place! The state of your health depends a lot on what you're doing day to day. There's no question that natural remedies can help.  And since herbs and nutritional supplements are foundational building blocks, they're a good place to start. It's just a matter of deciding what. 

Every LifeBuild Health product has been field tested for the best possible results by (real) people. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of natural remedies or just starting out, there's a good chance we can help you. 

LifeBuild Health has been making premium herbal and nutritional supplements since 1999 and we're continuing to expand the product line-up to help even more people.   

There's a lot coming down the road. Two products specifically designed for women, and a joint support product. Recent additions to the LifeBuild Health line up is a product for fighting bacteria and viruses, such as the common cold as well as an energy product called InvigorerPlus. The feedback I'm getting from users of these two products is phenomenol! 

While I originally designed InvigorerPlus for athletes, anyone who wants more energy, endurance and greater focus can use it to their advantage. It can be used on the job, for a meeting, definitely for a work-out, or for study, or even a social event. It can benefit anyone who wants more energy. Click here for more.

One thing about me that is important. I think of myself as something of a perfectionist. At times, it can cause me anguish when writing, or with other tasks.

But when it comes to the products, it's great, because I can easily say they are the best they can be. I pour every ounce of knowledge and expertise into each and every formula. Before you purchase a product, it has gone through many formulations until it is the best it can be.  

Every raw material is extremely carefully sourced and scrutinized for quality, purity and potency. Every product gets the same scrutiny. Nothing is taken for granted. 

With that in mind, I stand behind each and every product one hundred percent.

There's no getting around a real need in America and beyond for herbal or nutritional supplements to help you get or stay healthy. Not in this century at least. In case you think otherwise, take a look at a few health statistics. Our bodies break down way faster than they were meant to.  

And while other factors come into play, there's no denying that herbal remedies and nutritional supplements can help.

Science has helped us to validate what natural health practitioner's have known for centuries, and that is that nature is the ultimate healer.

Science has also helped us to more fully understand herbs and nutrition and why it all works to help build health. But in the end, science is not the authority on health or healing. Nature is.

Don't wait for science to give you permission to start using herbs, superfoods and nutrition or other natural healing methods to create health.

Truly, nothing is better than nature when it comes to bringing you your best health ever!

"We are dedicated to creating premium nutritional
and herbal supplements that will help people build health.   Nature supplies us with the elements we need to create health, and we are committed to finding the best most compatible ingredients nature has to offer from around the world and offering them to you so you can build your health…for life.

Short Personal Bio:

  • Certified Herbalist since 1998. Apprenticed with Master Herbalist for 2 years.
  • 30+years health and fitness researcher and writer
  • former Certified Personal Trainer for national health club chain
  • former Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
  • Professional Nutrition Consultant

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