How to plan for health while on vacation

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine about a trip he and his girlfriend took to New York a few weeks ago. Of course, he knows my passion for all things health, and he was telling me about the restaurants they tried in the local area. They sounded great! Dining out is definitely a part of the vacation experience, no question.

It's funny though. I always notice that when people talk to me about food, because of my profession and experience in health, they invariably see me as the food police as they explain and rationalize why they ate what they ate, as if they were in a food confessional of sorts! I feel their guilt as they confess their food sins and I feel like I should give them some kind of blessing and penance as they go on their way:)

As my friend and I continued to talk, I brought up my perspective for when I go on vacation and that I still try and keep one eye on health.

I always bring a few exercise bands with me and have simple work-outs in the hotel room, and get a run in as well, either in the hotel fitness center or outside, and I still take a few of my supplements with me which I'll explain below. I've been exercising and taking supplements for most of my life, and a vacation doesn't change that!

I also try to eat nutritionally to some degree all the while knowing that eating perfectly healthy on a vacation is probably not going to happen.

But a few suggestions I have is try to have at least a serving of raw vegetables with every meal, meaning, salads, tomatoes or other fresh vegetables as well as lightly cooked vegetables as side dishes. You'll want to do that at home as well. Vegetables and their incredible array of disease fighting micronutrients are essential for health. Also, go light on sauces as they are usually high in fats and sugars.

I admit, it's nearly impossible to get optimal nutrition on the road or on a vacation. There are so many variables that are simply out of your control.

But as long as you have some consideration for your health while on vacation even on a basic level, you are being consistent with a health-building ideology. For me, that means still exercising, even if it's light, and taking a few key supplements that can make a big difference.

You may be on vacation, but your body isn't.

The most important take away is that while you may be on vacation, your body is not. It's still working behind the scenes to preserve your health. It's still making about 100 million new cells every minute of every day, and still needs the best nutrition it can get to fuel that process along with the billions of other processes that take place within your body and cells every day.

It's incredible to think of, but each of the 50 trillion or so cells in your body is performing over 100,000 functions every second of your life.

Keep the idea in the back of your mind that your body is your ride through this event we call life, and that even though you are on vacation, it still needs your cooperation and assistance to do what it does best. 

Basic Supplements for Travel

So for me, part of my plan for health on vacation or when I'm on the road apart from regular work outs is I also bring a few key supplements along with me. They're easy to pack and don't take up a lot of room. One is a superfoods greens based formula that has some combination of superfoods such as chlorella, spirulina, goji and acai berry and more and with wheat or barley grass as the foundation. They are usually found as either a powder or in capsules.

Wheat or Barely grass are some of the most concentrated and nutritious superfoods on the planet so it gives me peace of mind to know that I'm covering some higher level of nutrition when I'm on vacation.

The other supplement I always have on hand is a simple digestive enzyme formula. We're not always eating the best while on the road, so a digestive enzyme is another important supplement. It's a regular part of my daily nutritional supplement program, and it definitely comes on vacation with me!

There are a lot of different formula's out there, but it doesn't have to be an all- inclusive comprehensive formula although they can be good. 

The basics including protease for digesting protein, amylase for carbohydrates, and lipase for fats are all you really need. A simple plant based digestive enzymes formula  taken with every meal can go a long way to assist in the digestion of the less than optimal foods we might have on vacation. 

So by all means, enjoy your vacation without guilt. After all, you don't need to create stress!  Relax and enjoy yourself. Just consider your body and it's needs even though you're on vacation. Take a few supplements along like a superfoods greens formula for some good nutritional  support and a simple digestive enzyme. And grab a couple of work outs. You'll be doing your body a favor!