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The Benefits of Herbs
(and why you should use them)

If you aren't using herbal remedies, you might just simply not know the full benefits of herbs or how they work or how they can really help you build your health or stay healthy.

You also might be missing out on some great health opportunities! This article will help shed a little light.

You might not know it if you live in the U.S. or other western nations,  but for much of the world, herbs are not 'alternative.' Far from it. The World Health Organization tells us that herbal remedies are used as part of their health care by approximately 75% of the world's population. And yet, there are still many many people who aren't using herbs to their fullest advantage.

So what makes herbs so popular throughout the world? You're about to find out.

Herbs are Safe

One of the most important benefits of herbs is that they are generally very safe.* The mass media from time to time would have you believe otherwise. But herbs have been in use for thousands of years, literally since the beginning of mankind, and help millions of people world wide, day after day, century after century.

Herbs are Effective

Herbs work! That's a fact. There are thousands of studies that prove it beyond a shadow of doubt. But they don't work like pharmaceutical medicines, nor would you want them to.

I think one of the biggest problems for a lot of people who are new to herbs is finding a match for your specific situation, and what herbs to use for what. No doubt that can be a challenge. But I urge you not to let that stop you. 

In the near future I'll be covering some of the more common herbs and uses to help you make some choices if you should choose to advance your health through herbal remedies. We'll keep it as simple as possible while still giving you some direction.   

A lot of herbal remedies will give you symptom relief, like White Willow for a headache for example, which is an herb found in our Pain and Inflammation Support formula. But they are much more as you will see.

A Single Herb Can Have Many Benefits at the Same Time

One of the biggest benefits of herbs is that all herbs are multifunctional by their nature. They work in several different ways at the same time. An herb will have one or more primary effects, and at the same time, have several secondary effects as well. All herbs work in this same way. So while you address one thing, there are benefits in other ways that are taking place at the same time.

Plants and herbs are chemically very complex substances which is why they work in several different ways and is a big part of their effectiveness.

Herbs can have many individual chemical components each contributing something to the whole. Every chemical component of the plant works in a unique way, but also in harmony and synergistically with each other. It's easy to see an herb through the lense of western medical science and look for a so-called single 'active' chemical component. But that takes away from how herbs work! They are a collection of chemical components with a multitude of effects. One may be more significant than the others. But it doesn't meant the others are insignificant! Far from it.

A perfect example of this multi-faceted effect is the herb Echinacea. A lot of people might know Echinacea for its immune stimulating properties. And while you will usually find Echinacea in cold and flu natural remedies, it has much broader uses.

Echinacea also has cleansing properties and can be used topically to treat acne, eczema or psoriasis. It also reduces inflammation and is an effective anti-fungal.

Not a bad resume! All herbs share in this unique multifunctionality.

Herbs Have Little Side Effects Compared to Pharmaceuticals

Few herbs have side-effects and this property is one of the greatest benefits of herbs. As we all know, every pharmaceutical drug on the planet has side affects ranging from mild to severe. And just because you don't necessarily 'feel' the effect, you can be sure that your body does feel it. Many people must take a second drug just to offset the side effects of the first drug.

You'd think there was a better way and there is. It is called herbs. When herbs have side effects they are almost always positive. 

Herbs Are Used Both to Support and as Preventative

Again, let's take the herb Echinacea. Since it stimulates the immune system, it can be used to either treat a cold or flu in the midst of it to help you fight the fight, or also can be used throughout the cold season to decrease your chance of getting one.

So if you are no longer satisfied with your health, or in just suppressing symptoms, and want to take more control of your health, perhaps the benefits of herbs in your own life are worth a serious look. 

*A quick disclaimer here. We recommend that you see a qualified health professional before starting any health building program and that includes using herbs, exercise, diet or other alternatives. While herbs are generally thought of as very safe, they can at times interact with medicines you might currently be taking. So always check with your doctor if you are on a medication, have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing.

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