Coronavirus Mutations: Should we be worried?

Note from Philip Harris, owner of LifeBuild Health LLC:
At LifeBuild Health, our focus is on herbs and other natural remedies and supplements in supporting the immune system and health in general. But we felt it would be good for our readers to know a bit about viruses and how they mutate and especially coronavirus mutations and what they could potentially mean for you.

All viruses mutate. And mutate quickly. A mutation is a change in a genetic sequence and is a natural evolution of viruses.

Virus mutations are why we don't have the same flu vaccine year after year and also why, even with researchers best estimate, flu vaccines can be less than optimally effective. It's still an estimate.   

For Covid 19, the biggest question is, do all these mutations matter? And if they do, to what extent? Should we be alarmed?

Researches globally are tracking the myriad coronavirus mutations. 

A Brief Overview on Coronavirus Mutations

There were approximately 7000 coronavirus mutations within the first 3 months of the pandemic. Most experts seemed to agree that these mutations weren't dangerous, and in spite of the numbers, it wasn't enough to alter the basic nature of the virus.

However, it was a stark reminder as to how quickly viruses in general mutate and something to keep a watchful eye on. 

The vaccines researchers were working on should still be effective. And that has proven to be true, with some pharmaceutical companies reporting over 90% effectiveness. So far, so good.    

Back in April of this year, however, virologists were seeing one mutation in particular that was cause for concern because it increased the ability of Covid 19 to replicate in certain cells(Calu-3 cells).(1)

Virologists were calling it the D614G mutation and by June 2020 it was found to be a dominant variant found in about 74% of the studies conducted at that time.(1) 

Now, however, we are seeing another new variant coming out of both England and South Africa.

The UK and South African Covid 19 mutation is a new and different variant from the D614G and another major variant A222V that had been previously discovered coming out of Spain.(2)  This new UK and South African strains shared a mutation known as N501Y.

And while some researchers are saying there is nothing to worry about, others are suggesting a much more grim outlook, with calling it a 'ticking time bomb.'(3)

According to a New York Times story published December 20. 2020, Jesse Bloom, an evolutionary biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle had this to say:

It’s a real warning that we need to pay closer attention.”Certainly these mutations are going to spread, and, definitely, the scientific community — we need to monitor these mutations and we need to characterize which ones have effects.” (4)

The recent mutant strain that is ripping through the UK is 50-70% more contagious according to experts. and even if this particular mutation is found to be just as susceptible to a vaccine, there is a 100% certainty that the coronavirus  will continue to mutate at a rapid pace.  

'The virus is becoming more fit, and we're like a deer in the headlights,' warned Dr. Eric Topol, head of Scripps Research Translational Institute. (5)

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