Why You Might Need a Parasite Cleanse*

If you think you couldn't possibly have parasites, think again. Most people believe that parasites are rare in America and are only found in third world countries. Or that you can only 'catch them' while travelling. But that is simply not true!  

Consider what Dr Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory of Parasitic Disease of the National Institute of Health had to say: 

"In terms of numbers, there are
more parasitic infections in this country than in Africa."

He's not alone in his assessment. Other experts put the number of Americans infected with some kind of parasite at between 50% and 90%.  Even our own CDC(Center for Disease Control) is admitting parasites are an emerging problem.

We take for granted the need to regularly 'de-worm' our pets and agricultural animals(or try to), but fail to recognize the need to de-worm ourselves! Parasites are just as likely to turn up in us as in our pets or livestock.

Max ParaCleanse
is a comprehensive two part parasite cleanse designed for optimal effectiveness in helping  rid the body of unwanted guests of all kinds. It is a blend of 13 of the world's finest herbs used for hundreds of years to help eliminate parasites.

But once we have contracted a parasitic infection, it can create a nightmare for the body. Your health would be just 'not right.' Or worse. And you wouldn't even know the cause.

To make matters worse, parasites often migrate out of the digestive system to other tissue and organs, creating a systemic infection.

They also can lay tens of thousands of eggs every day! So they can become a big problem pretty quickly. 

They take the nutrients from the foods we eat and eliminate their waste creating a toxic and stressed condition as the body attempts to detoxify and neutralize the effects. You don't need a weakened immune system to contract parasites.   

Parasites can be the underlying cause of many unexplained illnesses, but go undiagnosed because the medical community doesn't really understand that parasites could be the problem. Unreliable testing methods also hinder diagnoses.  

If you have any of the following you could have a parasitic infection that is at the root of the problem.

  •   allergies
  •   fatigue
  •   brain fog
  •   depression
  •   poor elimination
  •   sluggish digestion
  •   gas or bloating
  •   muscle or joint aches and pains
  •   anemia
  •   get sick easily or other immune dysfunctions
  •   rectal itching
  •   cravings for sweet or starchy foods
  •   poor sleep

Often,there are no clear symptoms at all except a vague sense that your health is somehow off. Unexplained tiredness, allergies and the like. They are very stealthy and can go completely undetected for years.

We can get parasites from the soil, our pets, the foods we eat, drinking water, and even other people who are harboring a parasite.

Parasites are extremely tough to diagnose. Normal stool analysis often turns up nothing even when you could have a severe parasitic infection. 

That is why it is suggested everyone do an herbal parasite cleanse at least twice a year for a minimum of 45 days each to eliminate all life stages of the parasite.

Pharmaceutical de-worming medicines are becoming much less effective all the time due to the build-up of resistance by parasites as a result of the routine overuse of parasite medication in agriculture and elsewhere.

There are several effective anti-parasite herbs that nature has provided us that have been used for centuries to help eliminate parasitic infections. Unfortunately, many products just aren't strong enough or effective enough. That's why I developed the Max ParaCleanse

Ingredients in Max ParaCleanse Pt 1

Max ParaCleanse Pt1

The Max ParaCleanse Pt1 contains a proprietary blend of organic or responsibly wildcrafted Wormwood, Black Walnut Green Hulls, Boldo, Male Fern, Wormseed, Thyme, Elecampane, Punarnava. Ginger, Simarouba, Cayenne, and Black Pepper. The formula both cleanses and supports the body while cleansing.   

  • Wormwood. Wormwood has been used for hundreds of years as an effective anti-parasitic. In 1531, wormwood was mentioned in 'Brunfel's Herbal' by Tragus as having "a most positive effect upon worms." While it is a strong anti-parasitic, or vermifuge, it is also a digestive tonic and stimulant and supports the liver and gallbladder.
  • Black Walnut Green Hulls. Another excellent anti-parasitic that has been shown to be very useful for expelling and killing parasites, tapeworms and ringworm but all parasites as well. It is also used as a blood cleanser and has antiseptic properties, probably due in part to its high iodine content. Mildly laxative.
  • Boldo. An effective plant remedy for parasites as it both expels and kills parasites of all types. Also used to support, protect and detoxify the liver, particularly important since parasites are very hard on the liver. Used as a general tonic as well as for many diverse ailments such as insomnia, rheumatism, colds, and poor digestion. Mildly laxative, important for cleansing.   
  • Male Fern. Male fern is an excellent anti-parasitic particularly for tapeworm, but toxic to others as well, including liver flukes. Also exhibits antiviral properties, an interesting property, because it is thought that parasites harbor viruses that are released when they die. In that case, antiviral properties would be very valuable. 
  • Wormseed. In Latin America, wormseed is a popular household remedy for intestinal parasites, worms and amoebae in both children and adults. Also antibacterial, prevents ulcers and repels insects. It is used for lung ailments such as bronchitis which suggests it reaches the lungs, a common area for parasitic infections.
  • Thyme. A popular culinary herb, thyme has broad anti-parasitic activity including tapeworms, roundworms, and even hookworms. Similar to oregano chemically so it has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, expectorant and antispasmodic properties as well. One of its main chemicals, thymol, is a potent antiseptic and disinfectant. It also helps remove mucous from the digestive tract, an important quality because when someone has parasite, they will tend to produce more mucous as a natural immune response by the body to try and remove the parasite.  
  • Elecampane. Contains a chemical that helps expel parasites and kills some types of bacteria as well as fungus. Elecampane is also a good source of inulin, a compound that feeds friendly bacteria in the GI tract. It is also used for bronchial problems. In the 17th century, noted herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, MD, and author of The Complete Herbal, stated that Elecampane "kills and drives forth all manner of worms." It is still an effective remedy today.
  • Punarnava - Punarnava is one of the world's great herbs and one of my favorites. Definitely superstar status. It is used in the Max ParaCleanse formula for several reasons.  First, it's an anti-parasitic. But it is also a premiere tonic, cleansing and support herb. When doing a parasite cleanse, you absolutely must support the body, and Punarnava does just that at the highest level. For more, click here.
  • Ginger. An anti-parasitic and digestive aid. Natural remedy for nausea. Because ginger is quite hot, it also acts as a vasodilator, helping to deliver the other herbs more effectively throughout the body, very important, because parasites tend to migrate throughout the body.
  • Simarouba. Simarouba's main actions is to expel and kill parasites including amoeba. Simarouba also has antibacterial and antiviral properties.  It is well documented as an effective treatment for malaria as well as dysentery caused by salmonella and other bacteria. It is used in South America and Cuba for indigestion and colitis. Simarouba has also been investigated for its anti-cancer properties as well. All herbs work in several different ways and Simarouba is no exception.
  • Cayenne. Cayenne possesses anti-parasite properties and stimulates digestion. Like ginger, it is a vasodilator. So it also helps to deliver the rest of the herbs more effectively throughout the body. Because of Cayenne's ability to dilate and relax blood vessels, Dr John Christopher, one of America's best known herbalists and teachers, regularly used cayenne tinctures for heart attacks and for blood pressure.
  • Black Pepper. Black pepper is used to stimulate digestion. Not only is digestion compromised as a result of parasitic infections, but weaker digestion is thought to contribute to parasitic infections. So strenghtening and stimulating digestion is very important for cleansing.  Black pepper is also considered a carminitive, a substance that helps prevent intestinal gas and is also mildly diuretic and anti-inflammatory. Similar to cayenne, it is also used to facilitate delivery of the other herbs more effectively.      

Ingredients in Max ParaCleanse Pt 2

Max ParaCleanse Pt 2 contains 100% organic cloves.

Cloves themselves do not directly kill parasites. But they are an important  part of a parasite cleanse which we strongly suggest using. Why?

Cloves dissolve the hard casing around parasite eggs. This in turn allows the parasite killers in Max ParaCleanse Pt 1 to do their job. You can kill parasites without the cloves, but it will take longer because you won't get the eggs. As the eggs hatch, you will have a new round of parasites to contend with. So definitely suggested.

Our cloves are the best organic cloves available. VERY strong and potent. You can find them elsewhere, but not stronger, and probably not cheaper. We kept the price down because we really want you to use them as part of the cleanse.

Why not just add the cloves to Max ParaCleanse Pt1?

I'm glad you asked:)

Cloves are a natural solvent. In fact, they will even break down the cellulose of the vegetarian capsules in Max ParaCleanse Pt1, leaving the capsules brittle and broken. I found that out the hard way...

Even more important, I also believe that the same solvent properties in cloves was somehow affecting the other herbs and possibly breaking down or inactivating some of their more fragile chemical components. The result seemed to be a less effective product. Didn't want that! So separate it was.

You also need more cloves to effectively 'melt' the parasite egg casing. So it was determined a separate bottle was needed. While I prefer using vegetarian capsules, I had to use regular gelatin capsules for the cloves, else you would have a lot of brittle and broken capsules!

Max ParaCleanse Two Part Formula

Max ParaCleanse Pt 1 Ingredients: Wormwood(org), Black Walnut Green Hulls(wc),  Boldo (org), Male Fern(org), Wormseed(org), Thyme(org), Elecampane(org), Punarnava(wc), Simarouba(wc),Ginger(org), Cayenne(org), Black Pepper(org)
Org: organic WC: responsibly wildcrafted
650 mg/vegetarian capsule - 100 capsules/bottle

Max ParaCleanse Pt 2 Ingredients: 100% organic ground cloves
400 mg/gelatin capsule - 60 capsules/bottle

Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 capsules Max ParaCleanse Pt1 with 1 capsule Max Para Cleanse Pt 2 prior to meals up to three times per day. Use for a minimum of 45 days. Do not exceed dosages without consulting your doctor.  

'Nothing's better than nature!'

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